BUGERA AC60 Portable Acoustic Amp

BUGERA AC60 Portable Acoustic Amp


The Bugera AC60 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo is a compact and portable 2-channel acoustic amplifier. It features a Turbosound 8″ dual-cone speaker with 60 Watts of amazingly clear output power. Combining this with a Klark Teknik multi-FX processor and easy to use active channel EQs, the AC60 will quickly become the acoustic amplifier of your choice.

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Turbosound has been creating cutting-edge speakers for more than 30 years and has won the Queens award for Innovation numerous times for their highly acclaimed loudspeaker designs, this is why Bugera has used a Turbosound in the AC60. The custom-designed 8″ dual-cone speaker accurately reproduces the sound of whatever you input into the AC60.

With the AC60’s easy to use channel EQ, you’ll be getting your perfect sound right away. Channel 1 can accommodate both active or passive instruments and features a 3-band EQ that has been optimized for acoustic guitar for a transparent and warm sound. Channel 2 features an XLR combo jack and a mic/line switch, letting you select your input source. This works well with line level instruments or dynamic condenser microphones, and a clip indicator LED on both channels gives you feedback as to when you’ve reached the ideal gain setting.

The AC60 incorporates a 24-Bit multi-FX processor that features 16 custom-engineered effects from Klark Teknik. These effects presets include reverbs, modulation, delays, and others, but special attention was paid to the 7 reverbs. This ranges all the way from tiny, small rooms to large, expansive halls, giving your live performance the ultimate sense of depth and dynamics.

As well as the 1/4″ jack on channel 1 and the XLR combo on channel 2, the AC60 features a 3.5mm stereo AUX input for playing audio from any media device. On the rear panel, you will find an XLR direct output for sending you signal straight to a mixer, as well as a jack for a tuner, FX sends and return, line out, phones, and a dual footswitch connector for mute and internal effects.

The AC60 is a powerful, feature-filled amplifier that’s housed in an ultra-portable, durable housing. It performs at 100%, 100% of the time, and is powerful enough to make itself heard over your ever-expanding audience.

The main features of the Bugera AC60 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Combo include:

  • Powerful 60-Watt amplifier specifically designed for acoustic instruments and vocals
  • 2 independent channels with separate volume controls and dedicated EQs
  • World-famous, British engineered TURBOSOUND dual-cone speaker
  • Switchable Microphone/ Line channel provides inputs for both dynamic and condenser microphones plus line inputs
  • Active, ultra-musical 2⁄3-band EQ per channel
  • Multi-FX processor with high-resolution 24-bit converters
  • KLARK TEKNIK effects processor with 16 effects including 7 reverb programs, delay, echo, chorus, and combination effects
  • Balanced DI output for direct connection to your mixing console
  • Aux input on 3.5 mm phone jack connects to an MP3 player, drum computer, etc.
  • FX insert for external effects devices (stompboxes, rack effects, etc.)
  • Dedicated Tuner and Line output for additional flexibility
  • Dual footswitch connector for Mute and internal effects 


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